AP Masor offers to their customers CNC machining. With more than 30 years of experience we ensure quality, punctual delivery time, the possibility of automated production, dynamic customer interface and knowledgeable staff in our customer relationships. We also offer our customers machining services with a wide field of expertise. Our business is based on long experience, ranging all the way from prototypes to mass production. The possibility of flexible assembly and storage services helps our customers to focus on their core competencies.

Machine base:

  • Daewoo Horizontal Machining Center, X1200 Y1000 Z1000, 800 mm pallet, 90 tool positions, control Fanuc 18 iMB
  • Yang CNC-Lathe, dia./length 550/166 450/1100, cutting dia. 720
  • Dah Lih CNC Vertical Machining Center, X2100 Y850 Z760, the fourth shaft max. dia. 600, 32 tool positions, control Fanuc 0M
  • Daewoo Horizontal Machining Center, X1200 Y1000 Z1000, 800 mm pallet, 10 pallet magazine, 120 tools magazine, control Fanuc 16M
  • Machine Cell I
    • Daewoo Mynx 540 Vertical Machining Center, X1020 Y510 Z625, 4-axis, 30 tool magazine, control Fanuc 21iMB
    • Puma 230 c CNC Lathe, dia./length 350/550, cutting dia. 550, control Fanuc 21iTB
    • Fanuc Industrial Robot, M-710
  • Machine Cell II
    • Hyundai HS630 Horizontal Machining Center, X1050 Y875 Z875, Fanuc
    • Daewoo Horizontal Machining Center, X800 Y650 Z650, A360°, B360°, 5-axis, 120 tools magazine, control Fanuc 18 i MA
    • Fanuc Industrial Robot, R2000i/165F
  • Etalon Derby 3-D measuring machine X457 Y508 Z406
  • Trimos horizon of 1000, the dimensions of the calibration
  • Elbo Controls, Tool Presetter
  • Behringer Automatic Saw